Dr. JENNIFER NAPIER General Practitioner and Director of Contextualyse


The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.
— Hippocrates


  •  BMedSci, Epidemiology
  •  BMBS
  •  MRCGP, (merit) Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • MA, (merit) Foundations of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • MA, (distinction) Consulting and Leading in Organisations

I’m a doctor and coach with a passion for helping executives and teams achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

I've been coaching across sectors since 2012, working with teams and individuals.  A strong coaching relationship is a powerful motivator to develop habits that enhance our wellbeing - unlocking joy, meaning, satisfaction and effectiveness.   

As a GP with years of medical experience, I ground my approach in science.  I’ve trained in psychotherapy, CBT, hold a Masters degree in Consulting and Leading in Organisations, and have published research on wellbeing and resilience at work.   I also integrate key insights offered by modern neuroscience and positive psychology.

I also share my passion for wellbeing at work with audiences as a speaker at conferences and dinners. 

Current Memberships

  • GP at Westminster CIS
  • Special Advisor, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Primary Care, Queen Mary University of London
  • Institute of Personnel Development

Dr. HELEN BARNABY General Practitioner


I’ve got 25 years experience as a GP, and really enjoy helping people reach their full potential.  I love facilitating their understanding of themselves, and their capacity to change.

I’m trained in coaching and Transactional Analysis, both of which are powerful tools for working with people.  They have confirmed for me how invaluable a supportive relationship is in helping people grow. Good communication is central to my work as this is the means to establishing a good working relationship, but also to clarifying issues and goals. And so I strive to keep evolving my own communication skills to build rapport and help my clients.  As well as working with individuals, I am energised by teaching and training.  


  • MBBS
  • DCH
  • Faculty trainer, FRSH 

Dr. DAVID GWYNNE General Practitioner


I am a GP partner in Devon. On a daily basis I am privileged to witness the impact of effective communication and the change it can inspire. Using the coaching approach - hand in hand with positive psychology - generates a powerful environment to enhance personal understanding and facilitate transformation. Coaching is an empowering, liberating and positive process which engages individuals with their own resilience to meet their goals, and navigate their own change journey.

As well as being a GP, I run a medical education and lecturing business for clinicians, I am a clinical lecturer at our medical school and I also own and run a farm. As you may have guessed, I enjoy diversity and love meeting challenges!


  • MBBCh
  • PgDipTher 

Dr. CLARE HARRIS General Practitioner


I am a coach with 17 years’ experience of working with people on improving their health in general practice. I have seen a large shift in medicine towards disease prevention. So often, lifestyle change can have a huge positive impact on a person’s health and wellbeing and yet frequently those lifestyle changes prove hard to achieve or maintain.   How do we make those changes and make them sustainable?  This is the arena of health coaching.

With effective coaching a person can truly achieve their potential and make those lifestyle changes that may have been difficult to reach in the past.  I love combining my coaching with my scientific medical expertise to support individuals make the changes they may have been struggling with for years. I am inspired by the huge benefits that coaching can bring to a person’s health and wellbeing. 


  • B Med Sci (Hons) Behavioural Science
  • BMBS
  • MRCGP (Distinction), Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • DRCOG, Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists