We hope to encourage and inspire you to find ways of improving the wellbeing of you and your team. Addressing issues upstream gives us a chance to prevent burnout, illness, and impaired productivity.

Drawing on an eclectic range of resources, including our clinical experience, psychological insights and our understanding of organisations, we want to help you find the wiggle room that will help you move from surviving towards thriving. By wiggle-room, we mean that space in which we have choice, and we can try things that may serve us a little better than our current status quo.

Wellbeing in the workplace is frequently couched in terms of the individual's ability to cope.  Whilst some of the wiggle-room may well be at individual level, a lot of the possibility for improving wellbeing lies in the work culture, including management and leadership practices, and styles of communication. 

Our workplace contexts are bigger than any one of us, and may challenge us to find different ways of understanding our agency.  We co-create cultures, and so can each learn to be leaders who inspire, and role-model wellbeing at work.

We explore not only what an individual can do to enhance their own wellbeing, and how they may influence their team, but also think about organisational processes and culture. 

The time is ripe to improve wellbeing at work. It is right up the agenda, with new governmental departments focused on enhancing working lives.  And even beyond the work environment alone, policy-makers are now moving beyond framing their success only in terms of GDP, and are looking at far broader indicators of what makes a society a good one to live in and contribute to.  Take a look at these wonderful graphical representations of international wellbeing comparisons:


So let's be part of a positive change to improve our wellbeing, that of our team and workplace community!

This is an adaptation of an article in GPonline magazine



The wiggle-room helps create positive spirals  

The wiggle-room helps create positive spirals