Invitation to wellbeing retreat, Tofte Manor, 25-28th May 2018

We all know what it can be like to get caught on the hamster wheel of activity, losing perspective and finding it hard to step off and relax.  Some of us may feel we are not too far from chronic stress and burnout, and sometimes may wonder what all this frenetic activity is for.

Are we living to work, or working to live?

Stepping back from the daily pressures of our ‘to do’ list allows us to reconnect with the bigger picture of our lives – with what energises us and gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. It is surprising how quickly we do unwind and feel full of energy when we find the space to nurture ourselves.  A retreat offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on patterns in your life from a different angle, and help you rediscover the wellsprings of vitality within.

For this reason we invite you to join us for a three-day wellbeing retreat in the beautiful, restful surroundings of Tofte Manor. 

The retreat will take place from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon of the late May Bank Holiday, 25-28th May 2018.

We've created a special wellbeing programme that will leave you rejuvenated yet calm, and with greater zest for life. This is a chance to

  • Look after your body through yoga practices and delicious, home-made food for physical health
  • Learn to relate wisely to your thoughts and feelings through mindfulness practice
  • Align with what matters to you in life through personal development coaching workshop.

Tofte Manor offers a luxurious and nurturing setting. With comfortable beds, beautiful grounds, nature trails, tennis courts, an outdoor pool and the symbolic labyrinth, you will find it easy to connect with your sense of flourishing.  There will also be a highly experienced masseuse offering various treatments using wholly natural products.  

Prices start from £525 based on sharing a room.  

Janet Evans

is a qualified yoga teacher who has been teaching for over twenty years, following a thorough seven year training. Trained originally by Paul Harvey in an approach called Viniyoga which is based on ancient Indian teachings.  This style is concerned with both body and mind, and emphasises treating each person as an individual with their own needs. Janet has enjoyed running retreats and yoga holidays in the UK and abroad, and is deeply satisfied by seeing people come away recharged and refreshed. She teaches with clarity, creativity and a warm sense of humour, and is registered with the British Wheel of Yoga. 

Dr. Jenny Napier is a practising doctor and coach, whose work focuses on wellbeing of professionals. She also consults to organisations to help create workplaces that foster wellbeing.  She has been offering mindfulness-based personal development trainings and retreats that have been called ‘life-changing’. She relishes sharing her model that draws on acceptance and commitment training (ACT), nonviolent communication (NVC), and coaching tools.  Jenny brings a sense of warmth, fun, and practicality to bringing more vitality into our lives.  

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