Doctors' Wellbeing Retreat, Autumn 2017

This year the focus of our retreat was the theme of balance. The inspiring, wise doctors who joined us for this weekend developed an engaged, tranquil community. We shared ideas, experiences, wisdom, even a spontaneous singing lesson, delicious wholesome food and a meditative log fire. We all left refreshed and replenished from taking the time out to nurture ourselves and to regain perspective on life.

How easy it is in the rush and pressure of everyday life as a doctor to be unsettled and off-balance. So it is crucial for our wellbeing that we know how to find and regain stability. On this retreat we used yoga practices to explore how to find and strengthen a connection with steadiness. In partner yoga we discerned how our responses to other people can help or hinder our balance. Dr Thuli Whitehouse taught Forrest yoga sessions which has been designed specifically for our office-bound modern society - helping release tension in neck and shoulders, and to strengthen our core. These were deeply energising and releasing sessions and I came away from the weekend feeling as though all my muscles were rested and released. My practices developed mindfulness skills, and skills in clarifying values and actions that turn these abstract concepts into manifest behaviours and habits, bringing a sense of vitality and purpose to life. Mindfulness helps with balance by bringing us very clearly into the present moment; connecting with 'me-here-now' exactly where we are on the map of life. Clarifying what matters to us - and what we want to stand for in life - helps give us a balance point to return to when the vicissitudes of life blow us off course. And turning these values into actions helps us take steps and move across the map of life towards destinations that have personal meaning. We also get clearer on HOW we want to travel there.

Facilitating retreats something Dr Thuli Whitehouse and I find deeply rewarding and satisfying. We had wonderful feedback that encourages us to do more. We will be returning to Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in Lavenham, Suffolk next November 23rd-25th, and then are planning a Spring 2019 retreat for doctors.

I am also facilitating a wellbeing retreat for all professionals at Tofte Manor in Bedfordshire for the late May Bank Holiday- 25th-28th May 2018. If you are interested in retreats, training or coaching I offer, please get in touch:, or 020 3409 2545

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